Rewarding customers who practice energy efficiency


Michael Angemeer,
President & CEO
Ajax, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — August 23, 2007 – Canadian utility Veridian will reward customers who help lower electricity demand during peak periods through the introduction of a program called peaksaver™. Eligible customers can now sign up for peaksaver, which allows Veridian to temporarily cycle down participating customers’ central air conditioners to help reduce the strain on the electricity system on summer days when electricity use is at its peak. Air conditioners will only be cycled down when absolutely necessary.

As part of the program, Veridian installs a device that allows a wireless signal to remotely adjust the operation of the air conditioner. Depending on the installation, this is done by raising the thermostat setting a few degrees or by cycling the air conditioner on and off for brief periods. The change in indoor temperature is hardly noticeable as the fan continues to run to circulate cool air.

Typically Veridian will only take action to reduce electricity use on weekdays, not on weekends or holidays. The events last no longer than four hours.

Customers who join the program can be sure they’re doing something good for the environment. In addition they receive a $25 incentive payment and a free Honeywell programmable thermostat professionally installed at no cost – a value of about $250.

"This is an easy way for our customers to help out and reduce their electricity use when Ontario’s electricity system is under strain," said Michael Angemeer, Veridian’s President and CEO. "It’s important we all do what we can to conserve."

Veridian delivers electricity to close to 110,000 customers in Ontario. The company is a founding member of powerWISE®, a brand created to promote energy conservation and reduce the demand for electricity in Ontario. powerWISE is a joint initiative of the Ontario government and six of Ontario’s largest electricity distribution companies.

The company is presently busy installing smart meters in various parts of its service territory, and plans to have fitted 40,000 such meters by the end of this year. It expects that time of use rates will be introduced in due course, and the smart meter installation will reward customers who shift energy use to off-peak hours by charging lower prices for the electricity they consume.