REXUniversal meter platform compliant with IEEE 802.15.4g


Ed Myszka,
President, Elster
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 9, 2012 – The REXUniversal meter, the first integrated universal meter and radio platform, complies with the recently published 4g amendment to the IEEE 802.15 standard, Elster has announced.

With this 802.15.4g-based meter and communications platform, the need for proprietary communication option boards is eliminated.

“Elster is committed to supporting industry standards that enable open and advanced products for our customers," said Ed Myszka, president, Elster Solutions. “With the REXUniversal meter, Elster is continuing to offer true system interoperability and enabling the future of global smart grid platforms.”

The REXUniversal meter platform allows EnergyAxis® and other smart grid vendors’ 900 MHz RF mesh communications to run natively on the identical REXUniversal meter hardware with integrated communications, economically delivering meter and network flexibility to utilities.
With the ability to migrate endpoints to different communication systems, utilities have greater flexibility to change or upgrade networks to meet the new 4g standard and other 900 MHz RF mesh smart grid communications systems.
The amended standard, commonly known as Smart Utility Networks (SUN), is a physical layer (PHY) amendment to the existing low power, personal area network (LoPAN) 802.15 standard.