RFPs to be issued for AMR system


Tecumseh, OK, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — July 27, 2007 – Requests for Proposals will shortly be sent out by the Tecumseh City Council to manufacturers of remote meter reading systems for both water and electricity, in a bid to automate the process of reading its 2400 meters.

The City estimates it loses close to 50 million gallons of water a year to leaks and defective meters, amounting to $500 000 in lost revenue. While an AMR system would cost twice that, it would pay for itself within a few years if the estimates are reasonably accurate.

Remote disconnect/reconnect features are also attractive; at present this is done manually, presenting a risk to utility personnel. Other reasons for the decision to identify the most suitable remote meter reading system include the need for billing accuracy.