RIVA and SPL join forces

SPL and RIVA Online

San Francisco, CA., USA — (METERING.COM) — August 29, 2006 – RIVA Online, a provider of real-time infrastructure valuation analysis, and SPL WorldGroup, a developer of enterprise asset management software, announced that they are planning to integrate RIVA’s long-range capital planning capability with SPL’s Enterprise & Work Management (EAM) product.

The integration will mean that RIVA users will be able to read and analyse asset data directly from SPL’s EAM application for capital planning scenarios and for supporting long-term infrastructure maintenance strategy options.

According to Ian Woodbury, President of RIVA Online, “This type of integrated solution will enable both public and private organizations to be far more strategic in their long-term decision-making for continuous improvement and better return on assets.” He further noted that “customers, particularly those with aging and underground infrastructure assets, are thinking sustainability. Our combined offering will provide flexibility needed for strategic asset planning and help them make sound and timely decisions.”

Dave Mulit, President of SPL Synergen, added: “RIVA draws critical insight from the data that already exists within our system to achieve more comprehensive asset lifecycle management. The two-way integration will improve the ability of our EAM clients to optimize their capital equipment and infrastructure investments. And pre-integration of the solution will bring clients superior value and ROI by reducing the time to generate a capital improvement from years to weeks.”