S&C Electric Company and Silver Spring Networks announce smart grid interoperability


Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 23, 2008 – Phase 1 interoperability testing of S&C Electric Company’s IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System with Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network has been completed, marking a milestone toward a unified smart grid network supporting reliable, secure distribution automation, SCADA, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), and other intelligent applications.

Testing will now focus on validation of high frequency SCADA polling and interaction of distribution automation and AMI traffic.

IntelliTEAM II is a field-proven self healing, scalable, distributed intelligence-based fault isolation and reconfiguration system. Supporting any source and feeder configuration, it automatically restores power to unfaulted line segments in seconds without overloading any section of the system, and can handle multiple fault contingencies without custom programming, extensive validation, or testing.

Silver Spring’s Smart Energy Network is a high density mesh network delivering ample bandwidth, low latency, and ubiquitous coverage for distribution automation, AMI, and other smart grid applications. Leveraging a common network infrastructure significantly lowers both the capital and operational costs of implementing wide-scale distribution automation.

The true promise of the smart grid will be realized with the convergence of these complementary, but traditionally separate solutions into one secure network, ultimately enabling automation of an entire distribution system.

“A secure, reliable, and common communications infrastructure is a key element of a future distribution system,” says Witold Bik, vice president of S&C’s Automation Systems Division.  “We can now offer a secure smart grid network that is a huge advantage for our customers.”

“We look forward to working with S&C to provide smart grid networking support for their entire range of industry-leading distribution automation equipment,” says John O’Farrell, EVP of business development at Silver Spring Networks.

S&C Electric Company is a global provider of equipment and services for electric power systems. Silver Spring Networks develops intelligent utility networking solutions.