Salt River Project concludes 50 MW demand response contract


Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 8, 2009 – Phoenix-based Salt River Project (SRP) has concluded a three-year contract to receive up to 50 MW of demand response capacity.

The contract, with intelligent energy solution provider EnerNOC, can be extended, at SRP’s discretion, for an additional three-year period or longer. EnerNOC’s demand response network will help SRP address demand for electricity in its service territory in a clean, scalable, and cost-effective manner, beginning in the summer of 2009.  

Under the contract with SRP, EnerNOC will manage a network of commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities that agree to reduce electricity usage during peak periods for up to 60 hours a year in exchange for year-round payments. EnerNOC installs its technology – free of charge – at each participating site, and when SRP calls a demand response event, EnerNOC automatically communicates with each site to temporarily reduce non-essential energy usage and collects near real-time data to verify that each site is achieving its energy reduction goals.

EnerNOC’s automated demand response solutions have the ability to enable response to SRP’s calls for load reductions within ten minutes.

“We selected EnerNOC as our commercial/industrial demand response provider for a variety of reasons,” said Debbie Kimberly, manager – energy efficiency and policy analysis at SRP. “Meeting future energy needs, while keeping our rates affordable and our customers satisfied are our top priorities, and demand response is a clean and powerful tool to help us meet those goals.”  

EnerNOC offers demand response and energy efficiency programs throughout the United States both in open markets as well as under bilateral agreements.

Salt River Project is the largest provider of power to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, serving about 930,000 electricity customers, and is the nation’s third largest public power utility provider.