San Diego goes smart with new gas and electric meters

San Diego

San Diego, CA., USA — (METERING.COM) — August 29, 2006 – Full-service energy utility San Diego Gas & Electric has announced that it will begin installing new gas and electric smart meters for its customers.

The 500 meters – 350 electric and 150 gas meters – will enable two-way communication between the utility and a customer’s premises, and are expected to help customers make more informed energy decisions for better control over their energy usage and costs.

SDG&E Vice President for Customer Service, Anne Shen Smith, commented on the smart meter implementation: “We are always looking for ways to apply state-of-the-art technologies to improve services to customers. The smart meters are the next major step. Once in place, they will also pave the way for other enhancements to our operations. The tests are essential to help us determine which technology is best at meeting our customers’ needs.”

SDG&E is further planning to replace all existing electric meters (1.3 million) and gas meters (825, 000) with smart meter alternatives. If approved, the installation will begin in mid-2008, and will most likely be completed in 2010.