San Diego sets aside $30 million for smart city project


The smart city project will be deployed in partnership with technology companies GE, AT&T and Intel.

The smart city programme will include the replacement of some 14,000 existing streetlights with energy efficient LED models to help the city reduce its energy bills and carbon emissions.

The smart LED streetlights will be remotely monitored and operated using GE’s data analytics technology. GE will develop a dashboard with which San Diego city will manage the streetlights from.

The installation of the LED streetlights is expected to help San Diego save $2.4 million in energy bills annually.

The US city will also be equipped with some 3,200 smart sensors including motion detectors, cameras and microphones developed by GE to improve mobility and security in the city.

Once deployed, the smart sensors will be integrated with a 5G Long Term Evolution network developed by AT&T to enable communication between city departments, residents and third party service providers.

The smart sensors are expected to improve communication between the city, e-mobility service providers, self-driving vehicles and EV owners.

The decision to implement the project follows the success of a pilot deployed last year by San Diego, GE, Intel and AT&T.

Smart city project development

Meanwhile, in Australia, the government announced that it will commence its Smart Cities and Suburbs Programme in the first half of 2017.

The Smart Cities and Suburbs Programme will aim to improve research, development and adoption of smart city technologies in Australia.

Through the programme, the Australian government will provide funding in the form of grants for implementation of research, development and testing of new smart city technologies.

The government plans to spend $50 million over the course of four years. Under the programme, shortlisted Australian municipalities, research organisations, utilities and the private sector will receive grants ranging between $100,000 and $5 million to deploy smart city technologies.

The smart city funding programme will be divided into phases with the first phase set to provide $10 million in funding. [India signs MoU on smart city technologies].

Projects to secure funding during the first phase of the programme will be deployed through to June 2020.


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