New Commission on efficiency in transport industry launches in the US


The recently launched Alliance Commission on US Transportation Sector Efficiency will develop recommendations on how the transport sector can improve energy efficiency by 50% by 2050.

The division will ensure an increase in investments and in the development of regulation to support energy efficiency in the transport sector which consumes nearly 30% of the country’s total energy.

The Commission comprise stakeholders from sectors including utilities, vehicle manufacturers, federal agencies, city officials and environmental and consumer representatives. The development is expected to help the transport sector to reduce carbon emissions through adoption of Advanced vehicle, automation and shared mobility technologies.

According to a statement, the commission comprises of six technical divisions namely the light-duty vehicles, non-road vehicles, heavy-duty and freight vehicles, enabling infrastructure, information and communications technology, shared mobility and automation and outreach and implementation.

Dean Seavers, president of the National Grid, who has been selected to co-chair the new commission, commented: “As our region shifts its attention to efficiency in the transportation sector, we must be ready to support our customers and communities in that transition with services, infrastructure, and affordable solutions.”

The launch of the new commission will also help the US to secure its energy supply and consumers to save money.

Kateri Callahan, President, Alliance to Save Energy, said: “Transportation in the United States is changing rapidly and it presents an enormous opportunity to improve mobility while at the same time saving energy. We’re bringing together experts from across this sector because we need a comprehensive approach to maximize the energy efficiency gains. The response to our invitations has been overwhelming and we’re eager to see this group put their heads together.”

Global transport sector

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Image Credit: 123rf