Virginia utility co-op deploys Survalent’s SCADA tech


The utility integrated Survalent’s SCADA technology, Survalent ONE, into its grid network to increase the reliability of its grid through easy access to real-time grid data.

Barc Electric will use the new SCADA technology to access data from multiple grid applications and sensors via a single dashboard and mobile applications.

[quote] In a press statement, the utility cooperative said its new technology will enable it to improve customer service to its 13,000 consumers through reductions in incidents such as power outages.

In October, the US city of New Bern in North Carolina also deployed in its power system, Survalent’s SCADA solution with the aim of enhancing management of its grid network.

In a press statement, the Canadian ADMS firm said it expects its SCADA technology to help New Bern’s power department improve its customer service through real-time monitoring and control of its power distribution network.

In addition to the SCADA technology, the city also implemented Survalent’s demand response application to help its customers reduce power use and costs during peak periods.

Mark Trail, of the City of New Bern, commented: “The new SCADA System gives the City of New Bern greater flexibility, enhanced reporting, and faster response time in dealing with outages.”

SCADA technology deployments

The selection of Survalent’s SCADA system by Barc Electric increases the number of US utility cooperatives integrating its SCADA technology into their grid systems.

The Yampa Valley Electric Association (YVEA) based in Colorado state integrated the SCADA system to enhance its grid data acquisition and processing for real-time network management.

The utility also acquired the firm’s outage management system (OMS) and distribution management software (DMS) for deployment in future. [Boston utilities select Survalent to manage power distribution]

The two parties will integrate the OMS and the DMS with the SCADA system to come up with a single advanced distribution management system.


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