Southern California Edison expands energy storage portfolio


Under the project ‘Preferred Resources Pilot solicitation’, the two will develop a 35MW/140MWh energy storage plant in Orange county.

The pilot is designed to help the utility meet its growing power demand in a cost-effective manner using clean energy sources.

SCE decided to install the energy storage plant to ensure grid stability during peak periods in the southern parts of Orange County following the 2013 closure of the San Onofre nuclear plant.

Owned by SCE, the San Onofre plant was the main source of electricity for consumers in Orange county.

The energy storage system to be developed will be capable of providing electricity into the grid for four continuous hours.

The project is also expected to help California state meet its carbon reduction targets.

[quote] Christopher Streeter, chief information officer at Convergent, said: “Energy storage can provide location-targeted capacity that relieves electric system constraints and meets reliability standards, while also increasing grid flexibility and resiliency.”

The energy solutions firm secured the deal to develop the plant following successful completion of four projects currently helping utilities avoid excessive power demand during peak periods.

Convergent completed a 3MWh storage system for Central Maine Power, 10MW system for Pacific Gas & Electric and a 7MW system for Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator.

Grid reliability through energy storage system

The news follows last week’s announcement by SCE that it selected energy storage solutions provider Powin Energy for the rollout of a smart energy storage project.

The US based energy storage solutions provider will develop a 2MW storage system which SCE will also use to store electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

The system is expected to help SCE ensure grid stability. The energy storage plant will be installed at the Irvine Business District complex in California to help the utility meet its growing demand of power due to a rise in business activities at the complex. [California utilities partner to drive energy conservation].

The storage system will comprise 2,500 Lion batteries and will be able to supply the grid with power for four continuous hours.

In addition to the Lion batteries, Powin Energy will integrate its software ‘Battery Pack Operating System’ to remotely control the storage system.


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