Schneider agrees to boost CPS Energy management

In a press statement, Schneider said the collaboration will allow development of “a distribution automation strategy that will improve system reliability, allowing CPS Energy to deliver consistent power quality and support greater energy efficiency.”

[quote]Paul Barham, SVP energy delivery services at CPS Energy said:” By leveraging Schneider Electric’s extensive utility and power engineering expertise, we are able to better analyze and understand the current position of our resources and make the most informed decisions.”

Barham added: “Not only does this help us improve our operations, planning and strategy, it enables us to focus on our core business: keeping the lights on for our customers.”

The development comes at a time CPS is facing challenges on how to improve its energy management by integrating grid automation solutions in its network characterized by an increase in the number of consumers, varying distribution voltages and equipment.

CPS is also completing an AMI deployment.

David L. Wood, director of utility consulting services, Schneider Electric said: “Today’s utilities face enormous pressure to comply with government regulations and supply safe, reliable, high-quality electricity at a reasonable cost to their customers – all while addressing challenges like aging grid infrastructure and a decline in experienced workers,”

Schneider Electric claims its utility consulting services providing counsel around grid modernization, DER integration, microgrid planning, grid resiliency and distribution reliability will minimize CPS’s capital expenditures, reduce operating costs, meet regulatory requirements and enhance worker safety.

CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned natural gas and electric company, providing service to 772.000 electric and 337.000 natural gas customers in the Greater San Antonio area.

Schneider grid monitoring solutions

The collaboration with CPS Energy comes at a time Schneider is continuosly enhancing its energy management solution.

In September 2015, Schneider Electric announced its partnership with IPKeys Technologies, a provider of standards based energy software, in a bid to deliver energy management solutions to IPKeys Power Partners.

The two companies agreed will bring together their solutions – IPKeys EISSTM Online technology with Schneider’s Energy Profiler Online (EPO), offering IPKeys Power Partners load aggregation service’s customers the ability to monitor energy performance in near real-time, track energy savings and participate in demand response events.

The solution utilises OpenADR 2.0b protocol, a communications protocol for automated demand response, which affords customers increased flexibility and greater usability for customers.

Schneider claimed that the standards-based solution is the “first customer engagement and demand response solution” providing near-real time load reporting and real-time load management utilizing OpenADR 2.0b.

Robert Nawy, managing director and CFO at IPKeys, said: “Energy managers and a wide range of consumers will now be able to benefit from technology that was originally deployed for utilities.”