Schneider Electric gives 10-year guarantee to PowerLogic meters


In the US, energy management company Schneider Electric has announced a 10-year warranty for its PowerLogic ION 8650 meter line in what the company calls an “industry leading” move.

The PowerLogic range are designed for independent power producers and cogeneration applications that need to accurately measure energy bi-directionally in both generation and stand-by modes. These meters give utilities the tools to manage complex energy supply contracts that include commitments to power quality.

The ION 8650 is the third generation of socket and switchboard meters with three levels of functionality, ION8650A, B, and C, that allow users to maintain a single metering platform with multi-level feature sets, enabling a customisable, cost-effective metering solution.

Metering network

ION 8650’s gateway communications can also create an efficient metering network by mastering downstream meters via internal Ethernet and Modem ports.

The multiple levels of power quality monitoring (full waveform capture, harmonics, flicker and basic sag / swell measurement) ensure that systems assets are constantly monitored – for both utilities and their end users – and help meet industry standard compliance requirements such as IEEE 519.

ION 8650’s exclusive Disturbance Direction Detection further simplifies post event analysis by providing insight into the source of a power quality disturbance.