Second-generation metering architecture


Teridian Semiconductor Corp., a fabless semiconductor company which designs and develops advanced analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits, has announced the addition of several new devices to its metering product line. The new 71M6521 family incorporates Teridian’s patented Single Converter Technology™ with a 22 bit delta-sigma converter, four analogue inputs (two phases), digital temperature compensation, and flexible 32-bit compute engine offering high linearity and better than 0.4% accuracy over 2000:1 current range.

The family includes 2 UART ports, RTC, sag detection, battery monitoring, LCD drive and MCU with 8K, 16K, and 32K FLASH/ROM memory versions. It is footprint compatible with Teridian’s 71M6511 residential meter. Its extensive set of features, tools and software libraries support single point calibration, import/export metering, neutral current measurement, magnetic tamper resistance, and common current sensors. It meets IEC, ANSI and other standards in China, India, the Americas, Japan, Europe and Africa.