Sensible cybersecurity tips


Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 12, 2009 – Security is something important in its own right, and not simply a response to regulatory requirements, according to Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. president, Ed Schweitzer, in the keynote address at the recent Ovation/WPDF Users’ Group Conference in Pittsburgh.

Focusing on vulnerabilities, threats, and solutions relevant to power plants and the broader electric power industry, Schweitzer highlighted cybersecurity challenges and solutions, and provided 12 tips for improving cybersecurity.

These are:

  1. Know all communications paths to your assets – draw a picture!
  2. Use strong passwords
  3. Manage passwords
  4. Encrypt communications
  5. Practice “need to know”
  6. Compartmentalize knowledge
  7. For key assets, have more than one secure communications path
  8. Take action now. Do not wait for a government mandate or an attack
  9. Review alarms and access activity
  10. Do not forget physical security
  11. Practice security in depth
  12. Guard your access tools.

Schweitzer concluded with an industry call to action. “Security is our industry’s responsibility.
The risks are real. We need to take sensible, wise steps necessary to protect our assets, and we need to do so today.”

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