Sensus and Elster formalize smart metering agreement


David Hart,
Vice President, Product
Development & Quality,
Elster Electricity
Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 4, 2007 – Elster Electricity and Sensus Metering Systems have signed an agreement which outlines that Elster will integrate the Sensus FlexNet SmartPoint™ communications board into the A3 ALPHA meter at Elster’s manufacturing facility in Raleigh, NC. Sensus FlexNet system users have been utilizing A3 ALPHA meters for commercial and industrial applications since 2005. The agreement between Elster and Sensus allows users to order A3 ALPHA meters directly from either Elster or Sensus with the FlexNet SmartPoint module installed during Elster’s meter manufacturing process. This will streamline the order process for meter customers and allow Elster and Sensus to better serve their respective customers.

Built on the strengths of the proven ALPHA meter design with millions of units installed around the world, the A3 ALPHA meter provides a highly accurate, ANSI standards-based AMI platform. The A3 ALPHA meter with the Flexnet SmartPoint module provides superior commercial and industrial metering functionality for Sensus FlexNet System users.

"Elster is dedicated to developing and manufacturing standards-based meters that allow us to work with AMI providers to meet our customers’ needs." stated David Hart, Senior Vice President of Products and Quality, Elster Electricity. "Elster is pleased to be working with Sensus to offer our customers the most efficient process for A3 ALPHA meter with FlexNet delivery."

"Having Elster install the SmartPoint equipment onto the meter at their facility makes sense for a number of reasons, the most important of which is to streamline the process for our customers," said Doug McCall, Director of AMI Marketing at Sensus. "We believe this agreement will allow us to continue to enhance our commitment in providing utility customers with quality products and services."

FlexNet is a simple, reliable and flexible RF fixed network utility meter reading AMI system that operates through a primary licensed frequency. This license provides crystal clear transmissions in an uninterrupted, undisturbed path that has up to double the power of competing systems. FlexNet was designed to maximize smart metering technology through its two-way, fixed network AMI solution. FlexNet enables utilities to communicate with meters in both urban and rural environments to provide increased meter reading efficiency, reduced overhead costs and enhanced customer service. And FlexNet is scalable to accommodate growth as a utility expands meter deployments throughout its service territory.

The A3 ALPHA® meter uses ANSI standards-based communications to provide an open AMI platform. Building upon standard meter design that includes form consolidation, voltage and class consolidations, 0.2% accuracy class meters, functional scalability and standard two week lead times, the A3 ALPHA meter is available in single phase and polyphase form factors. The A3 ALPHA meter can be easily integrated into a variety of automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions by adding option boards to the meter.