Sensus reissues iPerl smart water meters to Chicago suburb

Sensus has offered to replace iPerl smart water meters that were manufactured before 2014 in the suburbs of Chicago

In the US, a municipal water authority in Illinois state has secured a deal with Sensus to replace smart water meters that were registering false readings.

The village of Glenview, a suburb of Chicago, last week approved an offer from Sensus to replace 1,500 iPerl smart water meters installed between 2012 and 30 July, 2015, as well as swapping the water authority’s pre-existing stock of water meters, reported local media.

Sensus will also verify that all new meters were manufactured in 2015, and extend its warranty from 10 years to 15 years, local officials said.

Smart water meter manufacturing

The deal follows an admission from Sensus that manufacturing problems in 2014 had resulted in the iPerl smart water meters making false readings in July 2015.

Ray Hull, the suburb’s water superintendent, said the unhooked meters showed strange readings: three spinning forward, three spinning backward and two whose patterns couldn’t be determined, stated the newspaper report.

Sensus officials reportedly told officials from the neighbouring suburbs of Buffalo Grove and Palatine, which also are installing new wireless water meter systems, that the problem had been water infiltrating the meters during manufacturing, but that the manufacturing process had been changed since 2014.

Mike McGann, vice president of quality for Raleigh-based Sensus USA, told trustees at the beginning of the month that the company has strengthened both the iPerl smart water meters’ watertight seal and statistical and manufacturing controls.

Mr McGann said: “From the ‘root cause’ analysis we’ve done, we’re very confident that it was the seals.”

In another saving for the village of Glenview, the meter distributor HD Supply Waterworks has said it will waive the fee for the first year’s software-as-a-service, a saving of US$29,250.