Sensus Stratus residential electricity meter ‘goes beyond’ safety standards

Sensus launches new residential smart meter
Sensus said it has spent three years developing its new meter, which it describes as ‘a better mousetrap’

US-headquartered smart energy company Sensus has launched a new low-consumption residential electricity meter that it claims exceeds US safety standards.

The new Sensus Stratus residential meter has incorporated safety features into the design including a redesigned power supply for increased over-voltage protection and better transient performance, isolated components and patented and patent-pending heat identification and protection, said the North-Carolina based company.

The meter provides patented, local intelligence to autonomously and remotely open the disconnect switch so the meter can safely shut off if an issue is detected.

Greg Myers, vice president of marketing at Sensus, said: “We have invested heavily in the past three years to better understand the environmental and operational conditions that utilities face and developed a meter that goes beyond ANSI and UL 2735 standards.

“This truly is a better mousetrap.”

The meter will be available in form 2S Remote Disconnect and is currently pending UL 2735 approval.

If successful, it will be one of only two residential electric meters with the UL 2735 certification.

Low-consumption electricity meter

Other features of the Stratus meter is the conservation voltage reduction (CVR) application.

Sensus claims that CVR improves the efficiency of the grid by optimizing voltage on the feeder lines that run from substations to homes and businesses.

Mr Myers commented: “Delivering voltages at optimal levels reduces consumption, improves service quality and extends the life of equipment.

“Utilities and consumers can save energy and lower operating costs with our CVR-enabled electric meter.”

Remote monitoring of ‘bellwether’ meters

Another feature of the new meter is that a utility can remotely monitor its bellwether group of smart meters –  a select number that reflects the health of the AMI system.

Myers said: “Typically, bellwether meters are subjectively and manually selected by humans, but with Stratus, the customer can remotely monitor the system and use data to anticipate or avoid service delivery and power outage issues.”

The Sensus Stratus electric meter works with the communications infrastructure FlexNet long-range radio network system.