SGIP COS: Core protocal suite published by NIST for the internet


August 2, 2011 – The brain and nervous system of the Smart Grid will be provided by the information networks that connect the Smart Grid’s devices, services, and systems. One very important set of “tools, materials, and instruction manuals” for building the Smart Grid’s information networks can be found in the standards and protocols developed for the Internet as it has grown and evolved over the past generation.

This standard, called the Internet Protocol Suite for Smart Grid, identifies the core set of Internet protocols—more than 150 individual protocols related to system operations, routing of communication signal, and cybersecurity—necessary for devices connected to the grid to exchange information.

The new networks built using these standards will allow the many, diverse elements of the Smart Grid—from electrical transmission networks and generation systems down to the small household appliances that they will power—to exchange information reliably and securely.  

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