Siemens and eMeter announce strategic relationship


Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 13, 2008 – Siemens and eMeter have announced a global joint development and supply agreement for the sale and implementation of eMeter’s EnergyIP™ meter data management software. Siemens will provide a global EnergyIP sales and delivery channel, including installation, configuration and first line support. eMeter will support Siemens’ sales, providing EnergyIP software, globalization and advanced support.

Leveraging the strengths of both Siemens and eMeter, EnergyIP is poised to become the global standard in meter data management (MDM) software and a cornerstone for the smart grid. Siemens and eMeter will enable the integration of MDM with existing utility systems through strong partnering programs with providers of AMI technology and system integration services.

Siemens selected eMeter for its market leadership in MDM, based on the architectural superiority of EnergyIP and its independently certified performance. EnergyIP offers sustainable competitive advantages in functionality, flexibility, scalability, open architecture, and total life-cycle cost of ownership.

"For successful utilities’ long-term AMI and MDM strategies, it is essential to have an open, technology-neutral and independent MDM system, such as that offered by eMeter’s EnergyIP," said Paul Maher, CEO, Siemens Metering Services.

eMeter elected to partner with Siemens for its unsurpassed global capabilities in utility software sales, delivery, and support; its expertise and array of products and services for smart grids; and global experience working with existing eMeter partners, including system integrators and AMI technology companies.

"Through this joint development and supply agreement, eMeter will extend the capabilities of EnergyIP and complement this with Siemens’ global sales and project execution," said Cree Edwards, CEO, eMeter. "Our relationship will leverage Siemens’ global sales organization operating in 190 countries and Siemens’ strengths in smart grid products and services to make EnergyIP the global MDM standard and a foundation for grid automation."