Clevest MWFM allows ComEd to direct its own resources as well as third party contractors with the same platform and workflows

Siemens Smart Grid has entered the world of mobile applications with a new solution designed to help utilities improve customer satisfaction and engagement with energy efficiency programmes.

Energy Engage Mobile is an app that allows users to monitor electricity, water or gas consumption in real-time and view an estimated bill. The mobile-enabled site will also display account alerts and tips as well as price information, allowing customers to see the current cost of electricity per unit and shift usage to off-peak times to avoid higher energy rates.

Lisa Caswell, president of eMeter, A Siemens Business, said: “It’s essential in today’s ever-connected world that we put energy usage information directly into the hands of utility customers.

“Utilities can provide Energy Engage Mobile to their customer’s whether they be commercial and industrial clients or residential, to help meet energy efficiency and customer satisfaction goals, and complement engagement initiatives around smart grid programs.”

App for AMI rollout

The City of Fort Collins, CO is the first utility to offer Energy Engage Mobile to its utility customers. The solution has been the backbone of the city’s innovative advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project, allowing customers access to see 60 minute interval reads for water use and 15 minute interval reads for electric usage a substantial improvement from once a month updates of consumption data that City of Fort Collins consumers are used to seeing.

Steve Catanach, light and power manager at the Fort Collins Utilities, said: “At Fort Collins, we really see a mobile solution as the heart and soul of our smart grid efforts.

“The app and website is something the consumer can see, interact with, and benefit from, allowing them to better manage their energy use and providing us the opportunity to deliver a higher level of customer service.”

Role in demand response

Through the mobile-web app, consumers have an option to either work with their utilities on specific energy efficiency programmes or to freely amend energy usage on their own. These features are powerful for both energy consumers and their utilities to interact around price and demand response programs in an effective manner.

The Energy Engage Mobile website and application is powered by the eMeter EnergyIP platform, a software platform for smart energy data management.