Sigfox enters US market with San Francisco IoT deployment

Through the collaboration, Sigfox will receive access to the San Francisco city in order to mount antennas and provide network access. The city’s Department of Technology will install the antennas, while Sigfox will maintain the network 

Global cellular network provider Sigfox announced that it will be partnering with the City of San Francisco to deploy a dedicated Internet of Things network, providing two-way connectivity for smart city programmes and businesses.

According to a company release, San Francisco is the first of 10 cities in the US in which Sigfox will deploy its IoT network in the first quarter of 2016.

Sigfox said that the IoT network “provides a disruptively cost-effective, energy-efficient and simple way to connect the physical world to the Internet, [and] enables the IoT industry to finally take off and connect large volumes of devices.”

Miguel A. Gamiño Jr., San Francisco’s chief information officer and executive director of the Department of Technology, commented: “The next wave in technology innovation in San Francisco will likely be the Internet of Things.

“This new network reinforces San Francisco’s commitment to attracting startups and established companies in the emerging IoT space. It also allows the City to offer residents innovative new services and positions San Francisco as the leading smart city in the US.”

Allen Proithis, president of Sigfox North America, added: “If the last 10 years of technology development were about making it easier for companies and people to exchange information with one another—Google, Skype, Dropbox, and so on—the next 10 years will be about making it possible, cost effective and easy for the unconnected physical world to transmit data to the Internet.”

IoT promotes growth

San Francisco’s Mayor, Ed Lee, said that IoT can bring about new opportunities to the city, as well as attract new start-up companies, strengthen existing business and promote job creation.

“I’m excited that the Internet of Things network will help the City deliver more efficient services for residents and opportunities for innovation for entrepreneurs,” said Mr Lee.

Sigfox said that the pilot plan for the network will be carried out as a collaborative effort between the Department of Technology, the Mayor’s Office of Innovation, the San Francisco Public Library, and other critical leadership.

Gamiño added that IoT development was the next step toward a hyper-connected city – an initiative which started in 2013, when the city began providing free municipal wireless services.

The City of San Francisco and Sigfox will also engage in a hackathon next month, where developers can generate ideas for how Sigfox’s network can be used to create innovative smart-city solutions.