US smart grid tech company Silver Spring Networks has bagged an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deal with US utility Choptank Electric Cooperative.

The California-based solutions provider will supply the energy company based in the US state of Maryland with an IPv6 network platform and managed services.

Silver Spring said the company views the cooperative utility market as one that holds "significant opportunity".

Improving grid reliability

Choptank cited its rural service area 7,500 sq miles (19,400 sq km) as a key reason to improve grid reliability.

Mike Wheatley, president and CEO at Choptank Electric Cooperative, said: “Our geographic location and rural service territory means improved grid reliability, remote connect / disconnect, advanced outage management and other smart grid benefits are critical advanced energy services for our members.”

Mr Wheatley also commented that Silver Spring's use of MultiSpeak open standards and interoperability was a reason for choosing the smart grid provider.


  1. What Choptank isn’t saying is that, until now, its residential customers read their own meters, so there is no real cost savings to having meters read remotely. But to coerce people into getting one of these new meters, they’re going to do away with this system. If you want to keep your old analog meter, you now have to pay an $75 initial fee and $17/month meter reading fee, because they will now send meter readers instead.