Silver Spring to deploy ‘Starfish’ network in India


Local utility Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) plans to roll out the smart energy and smart city network as part of an initiative to automation its distribution grid. 

The network will also help CESC to benefit from increased operational efficiencies, improve grid reliability and will empower customers to monitor and manage energy consumption.

The development forms part of a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in offering smart grid and smart city services to other organisations in West Bengal and across the country.

Sanjiv Goenka, chairman of CESC, said: “[The] multi-application networking platform demonstrated the reliability and high-performance CESC requires to extend our smart energy and smart city leadership and become India’s top performing utility.

“The versatility and flexibility of Silver Spring’s IPv6 networking platform helps enable CESC to reduce costs, improve reliability, and unlock even more benefits for our customers … [and] lead Kolkata’s (Calcutta) critical infrastructure network into the ranks of these iconic locations.”

Executive vice president and co-founder of Silver Spring Networks Eric Dresselhuys added: “Their [CESC] track record of performance and operational excellence will create a new standard in India and beyond.

“This programme helps benefit all segments of CESC customers through increased grid reliability, improved efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.”

IPv6 networking platform for IoT

Silver Spring will include ‘Starfish’ as part of its IPv6 network service for the Kolkata-based utility.

The company claims that its wireless network will enable commercial enterprises, cities, utilities and developers to access a “reliable, secure, and scalable IoT network service with service level agreements (SLAs) that meet their needs.”

The Starfish network builds upon the IEEE 802.15 4g wireless interoperability standard (Wi-SUN) and is designed to deliver up to 1.2 Mbps in speed, 10 millisecond latency, up to 50 miles in point-to-point range, almost limitless mesh range, multiple network transports, according to the California based IoT networking provider.

Adding to this as part of the Starfish’s set of offering, the company has also introduced a service plan ‘Haiku’, that has the ability to deliver 5000 messages x 16 bytes per month for free, and is suited for users with smaller data requirements.