Six Ontario utilities take 527 million kWh off grid since 2005


David O’Brien,
President & CEO,
Toronto Hydro
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — May 30, 2008 – Six of Ontario’s largest electricity distributors, collectively known as the Coalition of Large Distributors (CLD), have achieved 114 MW in peak demand reduction and savings of almost 527 million kWh of electricity over the past three years.

In their latest report on conservation and demand management (CDM) progress, the CLD says its members have invested CA$72.7 million (US$73.4 million) in CDM programs over the period 2005-2007, and the resultant savings were equivalent to the electricity required to power 58,546 homes for one year.

In addition 124,878 tonnes of CO2 emissions were diverted.

The CLD comprises Enersource Hydro Mississauga, Horizon Utilities, Hydro Ottawa, PowerStream, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited and Veridian Connections, and together these utilities provide electricity for 1.72 million customers, 40 percent of Ontario’s electricity customers.

Among the programs developed by CLD members are peaksaver®, a residential and small commercial peak demand reduction program via a programmable thermostat on the central air conditioner, enerShift™, a peak load shaving program for large commercial, industrial and institutional customers, a refrigerator recycling program, a water heater tune-up program, the powerWISE® Business Incentive Program that provides a financial incentive to large customers who perform energy efficient retrofits at their facilities, and the Summer Savings program that rewards customers for reducing their electricity consumption during the hot summer months.

Among other achievements over the past three years:

  • 35,258 peaksaver® load control customers were confirmed
  • 242 powerWISE® Business Incentive Program customers were approved
  • 4,322 smart thermostats were installed
  • 4,390 energy audits were conducted
  • 15,579 refrigerators and freezers were removed
  • 18,168 air conditioners were recycled
  • 80,070 energy efficient appliances were installed
  • 2.5 million compact fluorescent light bulbs were provided
  • 7.4 million conservation messaging bill inserts were distributed.

Commenting on the results, David O’Brien, president and CEO, Toronto Hydro Corporation, said that the CDM programs were putting the tools in customers’ hands and providing them with information so they can take action and reduce the demand on the electricity system.

“The results show that our customers are taking action, making changes, and embracing the culture of conservation,” said O’Brien. “We’re proud of the accomplishments to date and we’re excited about the future of conservation in Ontario.”
The goal of the government of Ontario is to reduce peak electricity demand in the province of 6,300 MW by 2025.