Sixteen state regulators join NARUC-FERC smart grid collaborative


Washington, DC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 1, 2008 – The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) has named 16 state commissioners to serve on the joint federal-state smart grid collaborative, which will serve as an important forum for discussing technological and other issues to facilitate the transition to a smart electric grid.

The collaborative was developed in early February,. Many companies are promoting smart grid technologies and this dialogue will help regulators understand what is being developed and how it will impact consumers.

NARUC First Vice President Frederick Butler of New Jersey and FERC Commissioner Suedeen Kelly serve as co-chairs of the Collaborative.

"This is an issue that is coming to the attention of state regulators as local delivery utilities and purveyors of smart grid technology are seeking our approval for installing this technology and rate recovery for their efforts," said First Vice President Butler. "Before we get too far down this road, state and federal regulators must have a better idea of what technologies are out there, how they will benefit consumers, and how they will impact the grid."

"This collaborative cannot succeed without the time and energy from our state colleagues and I thank them for going above and beyond in their efforts to serve the ratepayers of this country," said NARUC President Marsha Smith of Idaho. "The smart grid has the potential to help our nation meet its growing need for energy by making the transmission system more reliable, robust, and efficient, and through our efforts with FERC, this collaborative will help us understand these developments."

The smart grid collaborative will have its first meeting during the July 20-23, 2008, NARUC Summer Committee Meetings in Portland, OR.