Washington city to install centralised data management system


The Washington state city will use the grant to design a dashboard for central monitoring and management of data from a variety of departments including water, electricity and transport.

The dashboard is expected to help the city to improve operations of its departments through improved interaction with customers.

According to a local publication, the grant will ensure the city of Bellevue enhances management of its water and energy resources.

Chelo Picardal, chief technology officer at Bellevue, said the city will integrate the dashboard with its advanced water metering infrastructure system to reduce the city’s non-revenue expenses incurred as a result of water leakages and meter tampering.

Smart cities programme deployment

The project is part of the ‘Global City Teams Challenge’ developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to promote cities, utilities, organisations and government corporations on smart city projects.

In line with the Global City Teams Challenge, the city of Bellevue has over the past 18 months partnered with utility firm Puget Sound Energy, IT agency NORCOM and the University of Evans School to develop a framework for joint implementation of smart city technologies.

The city is also implementing smart city workshops with technology firms Microsoft and Verizon to provide its staff with technical training of smart city technologies. The smart city workshops are designed to improve consumer awareness on the benefits of smart city technologies. [US gov announces $165m for smart city solutions].

Meanwhile, the US city of New York was named 2016’s world smartest city during the World Smart City Awards held at the Smart City Expo World Congress.

The awards recognised New York city for its smart city programme ‘Building a Smart + Equitable City.’

New York’s smart city programme was designed and is led by the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation.

The New York smart city initiative aims to enhance research, development and deployment of IoT technologies to improve the standard of life for residents.

The smart city programme includes projects such as LinkNYC which was designed to accelerate the rollout of IoT connectivity solutions.

Through the MarketplaceNYC project, the city helps government agencies to implement the latest smart technologies to optimise their operations.The initiative aims to expand market opportunities for smart city technologies in New York.

UrbanTechNYC provides equipment and testbeds for research, development and testing of new IoT solutions.

Projects being implemented under the New York smart city initiative include $20 million connected EV and charging pilot project.

Image credit: www.streetblog.com.