Smart city initiative for Festival Hydro and City of Stratford launched


Stratford, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 21, 2009  – Festival Hydro and the City of Stratford, Ontario, have selected Capgemini’s Outsourcing Services North America Smart Grid practice to implement an automated metering infrastructure (AMI) system, as well as a smart city technology initiative to support Festival Hydro’s 20,000 customers.

The initiative is expected to help Festival Hydro and the City of Stratford achieve greater energy efficiency and control by integrating the electricity grid with communication networks, smart devices and renewable generation.

“Not only will we meet government mandated energy regulations and conservation efforts by working with Capgemini and its partners on this smart city initiative, but we will ultimately develop a world-class reliable system that will meet some of our most pressing issues, including consumer conservation,” said Bill Zehr, CEO of Festival Hydro.

Capgemini will collaborate with multiple global technology players, including Trilliant Incorporated, to implement the AMI system and other leading technology to create a smart city for Stratford. A smart city is a planned industry township for information technology and enabled services, which will include extensive fiber installations, municipal Wi-Fi, a full smart grid implementation, and cyber and physical security.

Capgemini will leverage its energy Conservation Collaboratory™ initiative, the company’s center of innovation and research that studies technologies and methodologies related to energy conservation, including smart metering for electricity and renewable power sources; the monitoring of consumer acceptance and behavior related to energy conservation initiatives; and the commercialization of innovative technologies regarding energy conservation, to develop a leading-edge sustainable solution for both Festival Hydro and the city of Stratford.

Festival Hydro distributes power and related products and services to the City of Stratford and surrounding communities.