As part of its ongoing activities to build understanding between utilities and consumers, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has spearheaded the launch of the Smart Energy Corps as a national, grassroots energy literacy to educate consumers and local communities on the energy system and the benefits a smarter, more advanced energy system can bring.

Smart Energy Corps brings together a collaboration of organizations to provide a clearinghouse of energy curriculum for students of all ages and a way to engage those who want to teach it.

Smart Energy Corps will create a league of Smart Energy Ambassadors who commit to influencing their peers and local community to embrace new energy technologies, and will organize pilot educational programs at schools, community events or other venues with Corps graduates so they can spread the message. All courses will be free to attend, and all pilot programs will be arranged and executed at no cost to the hosting institution and students, as long as a serious commitment exists.

Smart Energy Corps plans to engage its league of Smart Grid Ambassadors, industry partners and sponsors to conduct at least five pilot educational programs – and train at least 80 Ambassadors – at schools or at community events, or at in-person trainings in Atlanta from Fall 2014-Spring/Summer 2015.