SCE partners with GE on smart energy storage


The smart energy project will include installation of 10MW battery energy storage system developed by GE’s Current business.

In addition to developing the energy storage plant, GE will upgrade SCE’s existing GE LM6000 gas-fired power generation turbine.

The upgrade to the gas turbine will allow the plant to be integrated with the energy storage system. The upgrade will also help SCE reduce operational costs as it will allow the turbine to operate in standby mode without using fuel thereby reducing maintenance costs and carbon emissions, says a press statement.

The smart energy project is expected to help SCE  increase its renewable energy portfolio to meet its growing power demand during peak periods.

[quote] The project will be completed by early 2017.

Phil Herrington, vice president of generation at SCE, commented: “GE’s new LM6000 Hybrid EGT product fits well with SCE’s objective of providing cost–effective, innovative solutions that enhance grid reliability, flexibility, and fast response for our customers.”

Paul McElhinney, CEO of GE’s Power Services, added that the system will “… help California increase its grid efficiency and help SCE deliver more affordable energy in a changing marketplace.”

Smart energy project and grid reliability

In mid-September, SCE selected energy storage solutions provider Powin Energy for the rollout of a smart energy storage project.

The US based energy storage solutions provider will develop a 2MW storage system which SCE will use to store electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

The system is expected to help SCE ensure grid stability. The energy storage plant will be installed at the Irvine Business District complex in California to help the utility meet its growing demand of power due to a rise in business activities at the complex.

The energy storage system will comprise 2,500 Lion batteries and will be able to supply the grid with power for four continuous hours. [Southern California Edison expands energy storage portfolio].

In addition to the Lion batteries, Powin Energy will integrate its software ‘Battery Pack Operating System’ to remotely control the storage system.


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