Smart grid Catalog of Standards process put in place


Gaithersburg, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — May 17, 2011 – The Governing Board of the U.S. Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) has put in place the process to establish a Catalog of Standards for the smart grid.

The Catalog will serve as a compendium of standards, practices, and guidelines considered relevant for the development and deployment of a robust and interoperable smart grid, and it is anticipated that it will eventually contain hundreds of such documents. These documents may be normative (i.e. fully fledged implementable standards or safety and security practices), guides (e.g. documents that provide information on best practices and are of assistance in uniform deployment of the smart grid), or informative (i.e. documents that provide context and background information on smart grid technologies, practices and policies).

The Catalog will provide a key, but not exclusive, source of input to the NIST process for coordinating the development of a framework of protocols and model standards for the smart grid. The extensive information envisaged for each entry should also be a useful resource for utilities, manufacturers, regulators, consumers, and other smart grid stakeholders, and the standards will be characterized and organized by domain and GridWise Architecture Committee (GWAC) stack reference in order to facilitate this.

The Governing Board, at its most recent meeting, also reiterated its commitment to assuring that smart grid interoperability standards are applicable across the widest possible range of applications around the world, and opportunities for collaboration are being pursued in Korea, Japan, China and Europe.