Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative and NYSSGC release ‘New York Consumer Pulse Study’

The New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), in partnership with Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC), published the 'New York Consumer Pulse Study.'

This New York Consumer Pulse Study was sponsored by the NYS Smart Grid Consortium to better understand the views of New Yorkers on key energy related issues. It was conducted in partnership with the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, which has sponsored a tracking survey of nationally representative US consumers — called Consumer Pulse Studies — since 2011.

[quote] This 2017 study oversampled in the state of New York (NYS) when conducting the national survey to provide an analysis tailored to NYS. The study examined key measures of consumer awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and perceived benefits and barriers as they relate to Smart Grid-enabled programmes, the State’s Reforming the Energy Vision initiative, and advanced energy technologies. This New York Consumer Pulse Study report presents the findings specific to NYS, which are then compared to the national results. The report is also analyzed by NYS region, which included Downstate, Long Island, Mid-Hudson and Upstate. This study follows upon a previous survey conducted by the NYS Smart Grid Consortium in partnership with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) in 2015.

Some of the report’s key findings include:

  • One in five (20%) New Yorkers are aware of the State’s REV initiative, and slightly fewer (16%) are aware of New York State’s current grid modernization efforts. Half of New Yorkers (50%) indicated they are interested in learning more about REV, though only 3% reported visiting the REV website.
  • More than half of New Yorkers (56%) support the overall REV goals.
  • Downstate New Yorkers are the most aware of and interested in REV, while Mid-Hudson residents are the least. General support for REV is, however, similar across the New York regions.
  • New Yorkers indicated ‘investing in clean energy’ (79%) and ‘affordable energy for low income customers’ (71%) are higher priorities than ‘promotion of microgrids’ (50%) or ‘promotion of electric vehicles’ (50%). Downstate residents are the most supportive of these clean energy efforts, and Mid-Hudson residents are the least supportive in all the areas.
  • Overall, certain demographic groups are more likely aware of, interested in, and supportive of NYS’s clean energy efforts. These “clean energy champions” are statistically more concentrated among Millennials and urban residents. In contrast, “clean energy non-enthusiasts” in NYS are more concentrated among Greatest Generation and rural residents.
  • More than half of New Yorkers are interested (53%) or already participating (1%) in community solar programs. Interest in community solar is similar across the New York regions. Among New Yorkers who reported being
    interested or already participating in community solar, two-fifths (40%) reported they would be willing to
    donate 50% or more of any excess generation to lower-income households.

“The report shows that the clear majority of New Yorkers want New York State to invest in clean energy,” said James Gallagher, Executive Director of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium. “The survey data also shows that most New Yorkers are willing to pay their part to expand the use of clean energy sources.”

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons