Smart grid Meralco and Silver Spring Networks

EPFL researchers test PMUs for smart grid stabilityUS energy transmission company Dominion Resources has teamed with smart grid and engineering developer Lockheed Martin to develop an application for faster power outage detection.

The technology VirtuGrid allows data from voltage, power, energy readings, GPS location and phase and circuit connectivity to be sent to a substation using multiple types of communication networks with very low bandwidth usage.

VirtuGrid facilitates control and timing of remote communications for quicker mapping and response to grid failure.

Mary Doswell, Dominion’s senior vice president of Alternative Energy Solutions, said: “We are pleased to partner with Lockheed Martin in bringing this new technology to market.

“VirtuGrid will benefit both utilities and energy consumers by providing much more precise information about where and how energy is being used across the grid.”

Mapping grid connectivity

Roger Flanagan, director of energy services for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions business, said: “VirtuGrid will help utilities map the connectivity of the electrical distribution grid.”

Lockheed Martin provides energy management, smart grid, engineering and cybersecurity solutions to utility and commercial customers.

In 2013, it signed an agreement with the US army to commission the first Department of Defence (DoD) grid-tied microgrid integrating both renewable resources and energy storage at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The project was funded by the DoD’s Environmental Security Technology Certification Program.

The Fort Bliss grid-tied microgrid is designed to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs while providing the capability to operate independent of the electric utility grid when needed to provide energy security.