Smart grid gets boost in Ontario


Chris Bentley,
Minister of Energy,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — April 13, 2012 – Under Ontario’s newly launched Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy there will be delivery on the province’s Smart Grid Fund and other targeted investments to spur innovation in priority areas, the government has promised.

In a statement from the energy ministry of energy other actions that are promised include establishing a Clean Energy Task Force to help broaden Ontario’s energy focus and leading cleantech trade missions to showcase the province’s clean energy solutions in key markets worldwide including Asia, the Middle East and the United States

The Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy is aimed to leverage the province’s clean energy experience to become a global leader in key areas of the energy sector. Among the priority areas are taking advantage of “global leadership” in smart meters and the smart grid, including grid automation, data management and consumer-facing ways to engage Ontarians in the energy usage, exploring the potential of energy storage, and continuing the progress in solar and wind energy.

 “Our new strategy will ensure the province is well positioned to embrace the many opportunities to export our knowledge and products to the clean energy sector globally, creating new jobs for Ontario families,” commented Chris Bentley, minister of Energy.

The development of the Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy was a key recommendation from the recent Feed-In Tariff Two Year Review. It is expected to lead to significant job creation with Ontario’s green energy strategy having created over 20,000 jobs and on track to create 50,000 jobs.