Smart grid news: Itron, Alstom T&D India, Schneider Electric

Smart grid news Itron, Alstom India, Schneider
Smart grid news: Brazil, India and France are deploying and developing technology to improve network reliability

In Latin American smart grid news, large Brazilian electric utility Eletrobras has signed up Itron to supply grid modernization technology for six of its subsidiary distribution companies.

Itron will implement its grid-edge technology OpenWay Riva solution across Eletrobras’ distribution network as a way to deploy a single network that incorporates both radio frequency and power line carrier communication technology working in the same device in real time.

The technology, which supports smart grid applications on Cisco’s IPv6 network, selects the optimal communications path based on network operating conditions, data attributes and application requirements.

Itron, which is delivering the solution as part of a consortium that includes Siemens, Telefonica and Telemont, a Cisco partner, claims that OpenWay Riva will improve the accuracy of outage detection and analysis, transformer load management and energy diversion detection.

Under the deal, other distributors in the Eletrobras group will utilise smart metering capabilities, including remote metering, remote disconnect, diversion detection and other operational efficiencies, by embedding Itron Riva technology into electricity meters.

Commenting on the utility’s need for the technology upgrade, Paulo Lucena, corporate manager for the AMI Project at Eletrobras, said: “With Itron’s solution, we will be able to address the issues we face with losses and theft in order to improve our operations and recover lost revenues. It will also give us a pathway for future smart grid applications.”

India smart grid pilot

Meanwhile in India, the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board has selected Alstom T&D India to lead a smart grid pilot, one of 14 projects under the Indian Ministry of Power’s flagship smart grid programme.

The pilot, located in an industrial area of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India, will involve more than 1,500 consumers to test how to make the distribution grid more cost-effective, responsive and better engineered for self-healing operations, according to a statement.

Under the deal, Alstom will implement e-terradistribution 3.0 solution, an integrated distribution management system that incorporates SCADA and outage management.

Alstom will lead the project along with Genus Power Infrastructure and some other OEM equipment suppliers.

Advanced distribution management ranking

And in Europe, energy management company Schneider Electric has held onto its position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Distribution Management Systems for a second year.

In Gartner’s report for Critical Capabilities for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Schneider Electric achieved the highest product score for improving outage response, optimizing grid operation, and managing DER impacts.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant reports offer a visual way to compare products in the information technology industry.