Canada partners on smart grid pilot


The SDTC is a foundation established by the Canadian government to promote sustainable development by providing funding to improve research, development, testing and adoption of innovative technologies.

Innovacorp provides funding to help start-ups based in Novia Scotia to commercialise their products and services.

Rollout of smart grid pilot project

Under the new partnership, the three parties will help developers and researchers of smart grid technologies to develop and demonstrate their technologies to enhance grid reliability in Novia Scotia.

In a press statement, SDTC said it will provide project evaluation support to projects shortlisted to participate in the smart grid pilot project through the organisation’s Smart Energy Innovation Programme.

The smart grid pilot project will focus on energy storage, smart grid, clean energy power generation and the interoperability of grid networks with distributed energy resources.

Michel Samson, Energy Minister, said: “Innovation is essential to energy sustainability and economic success.

“By supporting local innovators, we can help Nova Scotians build on their tremendous achievements in renewables and energy efficiency, make energy more affordable, and ensure Nova Scotia businesses get a bigger piece of this multi-billion dollar global market.”

Leah Lawrence, CEO of SDTC, added: “SDTC is excited to partner with these like-minded organisations in Nova Scotia to help entrepreneurs move their innovations closer to commercialization. This partnership allows entrepreneurs to potentially access funding from both provincial and federal funding bodies through a streamlined application process. These technologies will provide economic and environmental benefits to Nova Scotians and all Canadians.”

Energy storage in Canada

Meanwhile, in an effort to improve Canada’s energy storage market, the Energy Storage Canada (ESC) and the Alberta Storage Alliance (ASA) announced that they will be merging to form one organisation.

In a combined statement, the two parties said they will operate as a single organisation to strengthen efforts implemented by ESC and ASA to increase the implementation of energy storage technologies at national and regional levels respectively.

ESC is a national consortium of energy stakeholders in Canada whose task is to ensure utilities achieve reliable grid networks and reduce their carbon footprints by increasing integration of renewable energy, energy storage and grid systems. Read more…