Smart grid projects supported in Canada


Lisa Raitt,
Canada’s Minister of
Natural Resources
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — January 20, 2010 – Four smart grid projects have been selected for support from Canada’s Clean Energy Fund, introduced under the government’s Economic Action Plan to create jobs, improve the environment and stimulate the economy.

The four projects were among a total of 19 renewable and clean energy projects in which up to $146 million will be invested from the Fund over the next five years. In total the Fund will invest almost $1 billion over the five years in research, development and demonstration projects to advance Canadian leadership in clean energy technologies, with a further $3.5 billion in investments expected to be leveraged from industry and other levels of government.

An energy management business intelligence platform development and demonstration led by Power Measurement Ltd will receive funding between $2.5-$5 million to develop and demonstrate smart grid technology, voluntary load curtailment and peak shaving in commercial buildings in Calgary, Alberta, and Ontario. The technology will also enable tenants to voluntarily reduce their demand based on real time price signals. In addition the project will be located at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

An energy storage and demand response initiative for near capacity substations led by BC Hydro will receive funding between $5-$10 million. The project, which will be located at Golden and Field in British Columbia, is aimed at demonstrating the integration of energy storage as a mechanism for reducing electricity demand at near peak capacity substations. This type of solution has the ability to be used in other remote communities where the grid reliability is low and the cost of the transmission line upgrade is uneconomical.

Funding in the range $5-$10 million will also be awarded to an interactive smart zone demonstration in Boucherville, Québec, led by Hydro-Québec’s Institut de Recherche. This project will ensure the installation of an interactive network area in the Boucherville neighborhood, which will demonstrate different technologies and concepts related to modernization of electrical networks, in particular the deployment of infrastructure for charging electric and hybrid rechargeable vehicles.

The fourth project, an electricity load control demonstration led by New Brunswick Power Corporation will receive funding between $10-$20 million. To be located in four maritime communities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the project will focus on the integration between smart grid technologies, customer loads and intermittent renewables in a region with potentially significant renewable electricity capacity. It should allow utilities to better understand how customers will react to smart grid and which loads can be controlled by real time demand balancing in up to 750 buildings, thereby assisting these utilities to capitalize on renewable resources in the region.

“Investments in clean energy technologies are a key part of our approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the environment,” said Canada’s minister of natural resources, Lisa Raitt, announcing the project awards. “Canada’s Economic Action Plan is investing in 19 innovative projects that will help bring Canada to the forefront of clean energy technology, while creating high quality jobs for Canadians.”