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Scottish distributed generation expert Smarter Grid Solutions has launched new products for active network management that aim to avoid grid upgrades when integrating distributed and renewable energy sources.

ANM 50 and CONNECT+ are designed to tackle different power systems problems and offer different entry points to an active network management scheme, which evolves and scales as the network develops.

Demand-response management

The existing ANM 100 product manages thermal constraints, upper voltage limits and demand response. The new ANM 50 complements this functionality by managing voltage constraints and reverse power flows, and coordinates real power reductions for ANM 100 to resolve higher voltage thermal limits. CONNECT+ manages thermal or voltage constraints and maximises use of existing connections.

Commenting on the launches, Alan Gooding, commercial director and co-founder at Smarter Grid Solutions, said: “Our products all share the same underlying technology components that deliver real-time, deterministic and autonomous control. The combination of these three features is what differentiates us in the smart grid arena.

“We have designed the COPAR product family to complement each other or to work individually, depending on the customer’s needs. ANM 100 can be configured to integrate with ANM 50 and or with individual CONNECT+ installations. Our approach delivers the scalable and future-proofed Active Network Management products that are required for today’s smart grid market.”

Smart-grid player

In April 2014, Smarter Grid Solutions opened its first US office and signed global agreements with smart grid companies Silver Spring Networks and HEVO power.

The company, which provides solutions to increasing grid capacity to allow more renewable energy to connect, has already won a contract with Con Edison to model and simulate microgrid applications for the New York metro area.