Smart Grid Interoperability Panel new personnelUS non-profit organization Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) has named two new staff at the grid modernization body.

President and CEO Sharon Allan, who took up office in November 2014, announced last week that Stuart McCafferty and Gabrielle Puccio are joining the SGIP team.

Mr McCafferty takes the reins as vice president of operations and program manager for SGIP technical projects, committees and working groups.

Working directly with Ms Allan and the Board of Director’s Technical Committee Chair John Caskey, McCafferty will oversee and direct the technical execution.

McCafferty has 30 years’ experience in business strategy and leadership, program and project management, community disaster resilience, grid modernization technologies, system/enterprise architecture design, and standards development.

Building membership

Gabrielle Puccio joins SGIP as the vice president of public relations directly reporting to Allan.

Her primary responsibility is the facilitation and caretaking of the SGIP membership. She is also responsible for communications, events, branding, and media and public relations.

Commenting on the appointments, Allan said: “SGIP success is dependent on an expert staff that directs and nurtures a vibrant member community.

“Together with our member leadership, SGIP will focus on securely driving innovation through standards, achieving interoperability of system components, educating stakeholders, and advancing and accelerating grid modernization.”

Accelerating interoperability

Prior to joining SGIP, Allan held roles as manager director of Accenture Smart Grid Services, president of Elster Integrated Solutions and worked with ABB and IBM.

She is tasked with strengthening SGIP ties between utilities, research labs, regulators and business leaders around the world.

Allan will work closely with members to increase visibility for the work SGIP is doing to address the key grid modernization issues of resiliency and integration of new systems.