Smart grid: Trilliant’s SEAL tech makes data sharing secure



US smart grid company Trilliant has unveiled a new way for allowing multiple IT systems access to smart energy data and grid device activity.

The new product Smart Energy Access Layer – or SEAL – can be used across many smart meter implementations to bridge the issues of interoperability, data transfer and partner integration, said the California-based company in a statement.

Combining IT systems

The solution aims to allow energy companies to launch new services and revenue channels by overcoming the issue of combining legacy and new systems amid strict regulatory compliance controls.

SEAL can “link these IT systems together so that cohesive smart meter and smart grid processes can be designed without the need for extensive re-writes of existing systems, even where tight regulations do not encourage sharing of data”, the company statement said.

Andy White, CEO at Trilliant, said: “Trilliant’s customers are deploying SEAL to solve unique business process issues, which are highly-regulated and necessitate the integration of multiple IT systems from different companies.

“SEAL is a revolutionary product that will transform how utilities, energy providers and partners deploy smart grid solutions.”

Third-party developers

By supporting processes such as installation and commissioning of new energy devices, energy companies can outsource development and management work while ensuring that data and device control is accessible to authorised parties only.


By using a standard-based interface, Trilliant has achieved interoperability for all device and data operations, the company said.

The Smart Energy Access Layer is designed to integrate with a variety of business logic systems and head-end systems from IT companies, metering companies, and communications providers.

SEAL is integrated with the Trilliant Platform, which combines the UnitySuite Universal Head End, a global 2.4 GHz RF mesh, high-bandwidth wide area mesh, cellular and other standards-based technologies to give utilities the flexibility to choose the right technology and rollout strategy for their territory and regulatory environment.

Trilliant at European Utility Week

Trilliant will be showcasing SEAL at stand E40 at European Utility Week, happening this week in Amsterdam.