Smart grid Meralco and Silver Spring Networks

Smart grid companies GRID20/20 and Dominion Voltage (DVI) are partnering to target optimisation solutions to utilities not using smart meters as well as smart energy customers.

DVI, a provider of energy efficiency demand response and volt/VAR control products, will integrate GRID20/20’s platform technology into its EDGE solution to gain access to “markets there were previously unreachable”, said Todd Headlee, executive director of DVI.

GRID20/20 provides an intra-grid sensing platform to effectively drive its EDGE solution within markets not possessing smart meters.

Distributed generation

Mr Headlee said: “This platform also lays the foundation for integrating distributed generation and electric vehicles onto the grid. We are excited about this new collaboration and the opportunity to work together to expand our reach in the grid-optimization market.”

GRID20/20 and DVI have combined technologies to deliver effective demand response, energy conservation, and Volt/VAR offerings to electric distribution utilities across the world where smart metering technology is absent.

Scott Bussing, vice president of sales at GRID20/20, said: “Our DVI collaboration provides a system-wide voltage optimisation strategy that leaves metering assets and processes intact, enabling utilities and their customers to achieve significant and sustainable energy and demand savings without disrupting operations.”

The collaboration in technologies will provide a clear solution to the demand for global voltage optimisation, Mr Bussing said.