Jamaica announces LED street lights installation target for 2018


Utility company Jamaica Public Service (JPS) in partnership with the government is planning to install some 35,000 smart LED street lights this year.

The announcement follows JPS exceeding last year’s targeted number of smart LED streetlight installations.

The energy provider had set a target to install 35,000 LED units. A total of 36,400 smart LED streetlights have been installed since the launch of the programme in 2017.

Over the next three years, some 110,000 energy efficient smart LED streetlights are set to be deployed by JPS.

Installation is expected to reduce energy costs and help the island increase its portfolio of renewable energy resources.

The project is an effort by JPS to modernise its infrastructure.

The smart LED streetlight technology enables JPS to remotely monitor and operate the infrastructure in real-time, a development which would help quickly identify faulty assets and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Science, Energy and Technology Minister, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley, said “Jamaica is moving forward, and we have to ensure that we have an environment that is safe and secure for our people. We are putting measures in place for the safety and security of our people.”

JPS Project Manager, Shellyann Wilson says “Residents feel safer as the lights are brighter and provide better visibility. Also, residents are more appreciative of the white light rather than the yellow light,” Ms. Wilson observed.