Jamaica to install smart LED streetlights


In a statement, Silver Spring Networks said in partnership with JPS will install some 110,000 smart LED streetlights in the Carribean island of Jamaica.

JPS will use Silver Spring Networks’ existing  IPV6 IoT communication platform to provide connectivity for the smart LED streetlights to be installed in population centres in Kingston, Spanish town, Negril and Falmouth.

In addition, the IoT network provider will install its Streetlight Vision Central Management System (CMS) to enable JPS to control and manage the smart LED streetlights in real-time.

By controlling the smart LED streetlights in real time, JPS will be able to dim or brighten the streetlights in line with weather conditions, the status of its grid network, and vehicle and pedestrian traffic thereby increasing energy efficiency.

[quote]The project is expected to last through to 2020 and will help Jamaica to improve the safety of its citizens through quick identification and repair of damaged streetlights.

JPS and Silver Spring Networks had in 2016 deployed the IPV6 IoT communication technology to provide connectivity for some 20,000 advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices installed in seven of the utility’s service territories.

In addition to the installation of the 110,000 smart LED streetlights, JPS and Silver Spring Networks expanded their partnership in deploying the utility’s AMI programme.

JPS selected Silver Spring Networks for the expansion of the company’s IPV6 technology to provide a platform for data telemetry from an additional 30,000 smart electric meters.

JPS said it is deploying the smart meters to improve grid reliability, revenue collection, customer experience and services to industrial, commercial and residential consumers.

Gary Barrow, Chief Technology Officer at JPS, said:  “… we are undertaking a major transformation that is redefining lighting and energy service delivery by modernising Jamaica’s infrastructure, and we are pleased with how Silver Spring Networks’ technology is facilitating this change.

“We see Silver Spring as a crucial provider for not only smart grid innovation but also as a platform for new smart city applications, that will bring new and relevant applications quickly to the cities of Jamaica.”

The news follows Silver Spring Networks partnering with Florida Power & Light in the US for the rollout of some 500,000 networked smart LED streetlights and with Oklahoma Gas and Electric for installation of 250,000 smart streetlights. [US utility co-op selects Silver Spring for grid connectivity].


Image Credit: 123rf.