Smart meter components: New housing resins plus load switch

smart meter components
Smart meter components companies are positioning themselves for utility rollouts with new materials and redesigned functions such as safety load switches

In smart meter components news, US plastics manufacturing company Trinseo has launched an updated range of polycarbonate resins for use in utility rollouts.

Trinseo said in a statement last week that EMERGE PC Advanced Resin portfolio offers high ductility and durability over a wide temperature range.

Trinseo’s EMERGE PC Advanced Resins are thermoplastic materials consisting of a glass-reinforced ignition-resistant polycarbonate in line with IEC IEC62052-11 requirements.

The materials are made for manufacturing smart meter housing, windows, terminal blocks – with heat resistance up to 135°C – and smart gas meter index housing.

Giorgio Bettoli, business manager of Consumer Essential Markets Europe and manager of the company’s Smart Meter business at Trinseo, said the company has forged development partnerships with key European suppliers.

Smart meter components – load switches

Meanwhile, in UK smart meter components news, metering and switchgear company Redbourn Group has launched a new safety load switch for use in smart meters.

Chris Stanton, technical director at the Redbourn Group, said the company used a “scientific approach to optimise the design and functionality of the switch”.

Mr Stanton said: “In essence we’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, using fewer components while offering better performance.”

In a local news report, Stanton said Redbourn started R&D work on the switch in 2013, and it’s now been approved for use with ten different meter programmes around the world.

Redbourn, which has been manufacturing engineering products for 15 years, said it is working on a range of engineering products.

The move into the smart meter space marks a change of direction for the company, Stanton told Cambridge News, but the plan now is to explore uses of the technology in electric vehicle charging and other microgrid products connected to the home.

“The smart meter roll-out has been mandated by the government, so it will happen,” he said. “We also expect the export market to be a big one for us.”