Smart meter deals: Avantha, Elster and Iskraemeco secure contracts

Smart meter deals
Smart meter deals: European countries are moving forward with AMI systems to meet 2020 EU targets

In a rash of mid-year smart meter deals, Avantha Group Company CG, Elster and Iskraemeco have this week confirmed contracts for rollouts in Europe and North America.

The Bombay-based conglomerate Avantha Group Company CG has secured a second contract with Portuguese utility Energias de Portugal (EDP).

Through its Spanish subsidiary ZIV, the company will supply 150,000 single phase meters to EDP’s Inovgrid project.

Known as EDP boxes in Portugal, the meters offer real time readings on demand, load profiles, voltage monitoring and remote services.

CG has already supplied ZIV data concentrator units to the project, which will be installed in every secondary substation, acting as local metering, monitoring and automation devices.

The deployment under Inovgrid started in 2014 aiming to address several challenges, including the need for increasing energy and operational efficiency, reducing costs, integrating large share of dispersed generation and electric vehicles.

Dutch smart meter rollout

In another European smart meter deal, Iskraemeco of Slovenia has won a tender to deliver up to 1.6 million units to four Dutch utilities up to 2020.

In a statement announced by parent company El Sewedy Electric, Iskraemeco will develop, test, produce and deliver smart electricity and smart gas meters for Liander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra, which combined manage 70% of the Dutch electricity market.

The meter manufacturer, based in Eastern Europe, said the work will kick off in 2016, with expansion of the smart meter quantities expected during the course of the project.

The original tender had been for a contract worth €235 million to deploy up to 2.5 million units.

City slowly adopts AMI

Over in Canada, a city in central Saskatchewan province has ordered an advanced metering infrastructure system from Elster Solutions to bring online already installed smart meters.

The City of Saskatoon will use Elster’s EnergyAxis AMI solution to automate meter data collection.

The order builds on a smart meter deal for 30,000 digital end points supplied by Elster to replace analogue meters that the City deployed 2009 and 2015.

These meters can now be activated onto the EnergyAxix network.

The city utility said that a further 30,000 additional electricity meters and 70,000 water modules, plus software, and communications hardware will complete the project.

The initial deployment of the project’s infrastructure will begin this year, with city employees beginning to train for the new system in 2015.

The full deployment of electricity meters is expected to last through 2017.

Water communication modules will continue up to 2020.

When selecting a supplier, smart meter safety was a concern, said Kevin Hudson, metering & sustainable electricity manager for the City of Saskatoon.

Mr Hudson said: “Elster’s excellent safety record and success in recent Underwriters Laboratories (UL) testing help clear the way for the City Council to issue unanimous approval to proceed with this project.”