Smart meter fires: Medicine Hat delays release of probe into failures


Medicine Hat Sensus smart meter failure investigationIn Canada, city officials of the small town of Medicine Hat have confirmed that the results of an investigation into smart meter failures has been delayed.

The City Utilities department said it needed more time to interpret the findings of the probe by Underwriters Laboratories into why more than 40 Sensus smart electricity meters failed.

A spokesman for the department said last week: “There’s some consultation currently occurring with Underwriters Laboratories regarding interpretation of the results. We want to ensure we completely understand how they arrived at their results.”

Contaminants in smart meters?

On September 18 the City of Medicine Hat sent 40 smart meters to Underwriters Laboratories for a tests including the possibility of water and contaminants leading into the meters.

That report had been expected to be released by the City this week but will be deferred until December 18.

There have been 49 incidents in Medicine Hat related to the socket base where the Sensus smart meter were installed, according to local media reports.

An initial investigation revealed issues with customer infrastructure including hot or loose jaws, the part of the meter socket to which the meter is clipped, cracked meter bases and wiring issues.

Suspended meter rollout

The city of Medicine Hat had installed 29,000 smart meters or 95% of its deployment target by the middle of this year.

The city suspended the installation following smart meter fires in Canadian province Saskatchewan.

An independent investigation found that “shortcomings” in the design of the Sensus smart meters in Saskatchewan, the same model as used in Medicine Hat, were to blame for the nine failures.