Smart meter fires: Nevada Energy will help with regulator probe


In the US, Nevada energy supplier NV Energy has responded to demands from state regulators to hand over all information related to fires and smart meter units in the counties of Reno-Sparks.

The announcement follows pressure from fire chiefs over the possible connections between nine fires and Sensus smart meter modules.

Smart meters not responsible

Officials from NV Energy, the utility responsible for installing meters in the affected homes, said they have investigated and don’t believe the meters caused any of the blazes but will provide everything requested by regulators.

Mary Simmons, vice president of business development and community strategy at NV Energy, said.”Safety is very important to us. Some of the information may have been inconclusive, but we’re not aware of anything that has linked our smart meters to a structural fire.”

Meter failure information

The Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) issued the formal order Monday compelling the utility to turn over all documents related to the meters, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The PUC wants copies of all fire investigative reports related to the meters, a list of all meter failures, and fires at or near the meters since 2000.

Ms Simmons, vice president for business development and community strategy for NV Energy, said some fires could have started in electrical panels tied to the meters without the meter playing any role.

“We know our meter was operating when the 911 call (in July) came in,” she said. “We think physically it would not have been possible for the meter to be the thing that caused this fire.”

Simmons said the information the utility will provide the PUC will include data showing fewer than 75 of their 1.1 million smart meters have suffered any form of damage.

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