Smart metering and submetering to be voluntary in Ontario condos


Duncan Dwight,
Minister of Energy,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — August 14, 2007 – In terms of new regulations from the Ontario Ministry of Energy, boards of directors of Ontario condominiums are enabled to install smart metering and smart submetering in their condominiums if they wish to do so.

The regulations, which become effective on December 31, 2007, cover the installation of smart metering and smart submetering systems in condominiums and the licensing of submetering activities.

Smart metering and smart submetering in condominiums is part of the government’s smart metering plan, and the regulations allow condominiums’ boards of directors to install smart meters and/or smart submeters without requiring an amendment to their condominium’s declaration.

The regulations also vest the Ontario Energy Board with the authority to set criteria or requirements for metering technology used in condominiums and to ensure that the technology is capable of measuring electricity consumption in accordance with time-of-use rates and minimally is capable of measuring electricity consumption in hourly intervals.

The regulations also require commercial submetering entities that provide condominiums with smart meters, smart submeters, and any associated services to be licensed by the Ontario Energy Board effective December 31, 2007.

The regulations are based on consultation and apply to both existing condominiums and condominiums under development.

In its submission the Canadian Condominium Institute estimated that Ontario’s condominium community comprises more than 1.4 million adults living in more than 7,800 condominiums.