Smart Metering Canada conference underway


Shane Pospisil,
President & CEO,
Ontario Energy
Toronto, Canada and Peabody, MA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 20, 2007 – Several key figures in the industry will be present at the 2007 Smart Metering Canada event, being held from February 19-21 in Toronto, Ontario.

Ontario is fast becoming a leader in energy efficiency, and is at the same time creating conservation awareness as a result of its ongoing smart metering initiative. The Smart Metering Canada conference is a unique opportunity for utilities to gain new insight into and comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience of the benefits and challenges, the technologies and implementation techniques of smart metering from both local and international players.

On February 19, LODESTAR sales executive Giro Iuliano chaired the first day’s activities, which are focused on meter data management (MDM). Iuliano has an extensive background and experience in the U.S. and the Canadian gas and electric markets and also is an active participant in many of the regional markets and energy forums.

Also on February 19, LODESTAR’s Layne Nelson presented a keynote discussion on Solutions for MDM. Nelson closely follows market trends such as demand response programs, critical peak pricing initiatives and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) / Smart Meter technologies. He has been involved in the analysis and design of numerous energy solutions for both retailers and distribution companies in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Shane Pospisil, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Energy Association, chairs the keynote session – An Overview of the Smart Metering Initiative in Canada – on February 20. Speakers include representatives from North American and European utilities.

And on February 21 Marika Hare, Managing Director Regulatory Policy Development of the Ontario Energy Board is one of the presenters on Smart Metering and Smart Pricing. Another session will deal with Demand Response, Smart Networks and AMI.