Wisconsin utility to complete smart meter rollout by October


According to the Superior Telegram, the energy provider started its smart meters installation initiative for electric and gas customers in Billings Park in mid-April.

In total, SWL&P will install 14,000 smart electric meters and 2,500 smart gas and water meters in residential homes, apartments and for commercial businesses.

Residents receiving water, electric and gas services from SWL&P will be equipped with three smart meters.To reduce the costs of the project, SWL&P will use IT and communication infrastructure owned by Minnesota Power for connectivity of the smart meters. Minnesota Power will also assist SWL&P with administrative support.

Rob Sandstrom, the manager of customer excellence at SWL&P, said: “Customers will be able to see how they use electricity, natural gas and water in a way that helps them make well-informed decisions about their usage and potentially save energy and money.”

The smart meters installation project will help the energy provider improve its revenue collection by eliminating estimated billing but rather charge customers based on how much they use.

The programme is part of a five-year plan designed in 2016 by SWL&P to modernise its distribution networks with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The energy and water company is positive an AMI technology will provide access to real-time data regarding the performances of distribution networks, which can be used to reduce the occurrence and duration of outages and water leaks.

“The new meters also open options for energy conservation and efficiency incentives that customers can’t access with older meter,” reiterated Sandstrom.

Smart meters installation

The New York-based utility will deploy technology supplied by smart grid solutions provider, Itron, to help its customers improve their energy efficiency.

In a press statement, the electricity and gas distribution firm said it commissioned an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution developed by Itron.

Central Hudson also signed a deal for Itron to manage the utility’s energy management programme CenHub Insights. Read more…


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